GM Rarus 427,429:
GM Rarus series  is blended from selected highly refined virgin paraffinic oil and carefully blended additives package designed to provide all the properties necessary for efficient and trouble free compressor lubrication.
Iso VG 100 150
Specific gravity °16.4C 0.896 0.898
VISCOSITY 40 °C, CST 90-110 135-163
VISCOSITY 100 °C, CST 11 15
Viscosity Index (Minimum from tables) 95 95
Flash Point, COC, deg C (Minimum) 220 220
Pour point Max -9 -5
PNEUROP oxidation test (POT) Type 1.2 ---
* Data given above are typical properties and may vary slightly.
Application :
It is recommended for cylinder and crankcase lubrication of reciprocating air compressors with air discharge temperature up to 200C.
This oil also used for lubrication of drip feed rotary sliding vans and screw type compressors.
  • Meets the requirements of DIN 61006 VD-I. Standard.
  • Efficient wear protection.
  • Excellent oxidation stability.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent wear separation properties.
  • Foam suppression properties.
  • High viscosity index, high flash point and low pour point.
Avoid prolonged contact skin. In case of any contact, Wash thoroughly after contact with plenty of water and soap. If this material is swallowed, the persone who swallowed must be vomited and get medical attention immediately. In case of contact with eyes, Eyes must be washed with plenty of water, Necessary safety precautions must be taken according to the property of the product.
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