GM Gard 450:

Newatlas GM Gard 450 is Zinc free engine lubricant adapted to the lubrication of the GM engines, type E.M.D. it is a heavy duty SAE 40 engine oil designed to meet the requirements of general motors' EMD 567, 645, two stroke engine that were originally manufactured for locomotives but are also used in small transport vehicle and special purpose craft, and also meet requirement of GE generation 4 "LONG LIFE" (4LL).

  • Good thermal stability and wear protection, Good detergent properties at high temperatures.
  • Good dispersing properties t low temperature.
  • Good oil film strength at extreme pressures.
  • Very good acidic neutralization capability.
  • Excellent water resistance
SAE 40
 DENSITY 15 °C, GR/ML 0.894
 VISCOSITY 100 °C, CST 14.5
Viscosity Index (Minimum from tables) 98
Flash Point, COC, deg C (Minimum) 260
Pour point, deg C -7
Total  Base Number (TBN) 13.5
Zinc content ppm Max. free
* Data given above are typical properties and may vary slightly.  
Application :
  • Turbocharged and naturally aspirated main and auxiliary engines of all types and all ratings, running on Gasoil or Marine Diesel oil.
  • Bearings and stern – tubes.
  • Reduction gear lubricating.
API services: CD/SF
It achieves GM, EMD Requirement for the fourth generation.
GE Generation 4 "LONG LIFE" (4LL).
Avoid prolonged contact skin. In case of any contact, Wash thoroughly after contact with plenty of water and soap. If this material is swallowed, the persone who swallowed must be vomited and get medical attention immediately. In case of contact with eyes, Eyes must be washed with plenty of water, Necessary safety precautions must be taken according to the property of the product.
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