Plex 47:
Newatlas plex 47 is multi-purpose extreme pressure grease based on ISO VG 150 mineral base oil and a calcium complex soap thickener.
NLGI Grade ASTM D217 2
Color Brown
Texture smooth
Thickener type, formulation Calcium complex
Base oil viscosity@40 ºC,cSt 150(±15)
Penetration worked ASTM D 217 280(±15)
Penetration unworked 280(±20)
Dropping point , ºC,  ASTM D 2265 260
Newatlas plex 47 is recommended for multi-purpose industrial applications. The nature of its calcium complex soap thickener makes it particularly suited for the lubrication of bearings subject to vibration. 
Features and benefits:
  • Extreme pressure/anti-wear properties.
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