It formulated with selected high quality solvent refined base oil and advanced technology additives to meet and exceed the most demanding lubrication requirements for turbo charged and super high performance (SHPD) diesel engines of modern trucks, buses, vans, passenger cars and industrial application. It is blended from selected base stocks and new generation performance additives and is available in two different viscometrics, SAE 20w50 
  • specified with low volatility (Noack %) according to ASTM
  •  Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability reduces deposits and oil thickening
  •  Excellent soot handling capability protects against soot induced viscosity increase and wear
  •  High shear stability ensures viscosity control at elevated temperatures and reduces oil consumption and wear
  •  Superior protection against corrosive wear helps in sustaining engine durability
  •  Excellent TBN retention helps in countering harmful effects of corrosive exhaust gases and extending oil life
Typical properties ASTM 20w50
Viscosity @ 100 ºC, cSt D 445 20
Viscosity @ 40 ºC, cSt D 445 185
Viscosity Index D 2270 130
Flash Point, ºC D 92 240
Pour Point, ºC D 97 -21
TBN, mg KOH/g D 2896 12
Density @ 15ºC, Kg/l D 1298 0.901
  • API: CF-4
  • Turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines used in on-highway applications .
  • Heavy duty gasoline  engines used in , construction, agriculture & other off-highway applications
  • For mixed fleet applications and diesel engines, SAE 15w/40 oil is recommended
Avoid prolonged contact skin. In case of any contact, Wash thoroughly after contact with plenty of water and soap. If this material is swallowed, the persone who swallowed must be vomited and get medical attention immediately. In case of contact with eyes, Eyes must be washed with plenty of water, Necessary safety precautions must be taken according to the property of the product.
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